Today we wanted to share the first of many real-life case study's that give you a glimpse into what each trade is like, what it's like doing the work and how much money can be made once you've learned some basic skills.

In the above video, I share about a dryer I picked up at our local dump for free. This is a super common occurrence, as people discard appliances all the time the moment a problem occurs. This machine didn’t even need a new part. A few parts had become disconnected so I just needed to take the machine apart and put it back together again. I then tested it out and it worked perfectly.

The last step is to do a few cosmetic touch-ups and then post it up for sale for $200. All from a machine I just got for free! UPDATE: Sold yesterday for $200.

For the full length video, I go over the entire process in depth in the Appliance Repair course.

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